Our Barnes Supper held on 24 February 2018 at Portesham Village Hall was another great evening, celebrating Dorset’s dialect poet with songs, dance tunes, superbly performed poems and a feast of local food.

This was our last event with the South Dorset Ridgeway Project, which brought us into existence, and which is now coming to an end. Jill Hearing, who has done so much to promote us, marked the occasion at rehearsal by reciting two fine limericks she had composed on our leaders Phil Humphries and Tim Laycock.

Our grateful thanks go to Jill and the wonderful staff at Artsreach who together with the Portesham team laid on a truly splendid evening. The supper provided by local food producers was ample and very delicious.

barnes supper2018
Tucking into a Dorset supper, Portesham Village Hall 2018. Photo Lyn Pullen.

Around 40 singers and 10 musicians – come and experience our vibrant and joyous sound!